BLM Solidarity Fund

Student Solidarity Fund — Black Alumni Debt Relief

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) believes that mutual aid is a critical part of our work in the philanthropy space and is a core principle of abolition. We recognize that our well-being, health, and dignity are all bound up in each other and that our survival depends on cooperation, not competition. Our work to give dollars directly to people in need is part of a long legacy of Black-led organizations stepping in to support those who our government has failed.

At this particular moment, we're launching a student solidarity fund — an expansion to our survival fund, where at the height of the pandemic in 2020, BLMGNF gave $3 million directly to Black individuals, families, small-business owners, and other folks experiencing financial hardship. This is because time and again, the government has proven that they are unreliable for Black people in times of need. Not only is President Biden's student loan cancellation held up in court, but the pause on federal payments has only been temporarily paused — when they should be permanently suspended.

For decades, Black people have been told that a good education is the key to establishing themselves and a way to the middle class. Then, when Black students invest in their education and take out loans to attend some of the most sought-out universities, they end up with lower salaries but more debt in comparison to their white peers. Plus, in many instances, the pause on debt repayments has not been helpful to all, as countless Black students and families also have private loans not included in the pause.

We can't build a world of true liberation without our young Black scholars and visionaries. We want to make sure they are able to think and create as freely as they can — without needing to worry about their basic needs, on top of the everyday financial struggles.

We remain committed to our campaign for President Biden to cancel ALL student debt — federal, state, private, whatever the case may be. But until then, we're excited to be able to help Black alumni with their debt across the country!

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Student Solidarity Fund.

The application limit for the Black alumni/former student first wave has been reached and applications are no longer being accepted.

First wave recipients will be notified sometime in January 2023. The second wave, supporting current students, will open for applications in February 2023.